You Wash


Small dogs – 20 pounds or less $13
Larger friends – 21 pounds and up $17


  • 5 stainless steel walk-in tubs to choose from; 1 tub has a hydraulic lift for easier entry.
  • Towels, Shams & Aprons
  • Your choice of all natural shampoos & conditioners. Made fresh daily!
  • Ear wipes
  • Eye wipes
  • Dental wipes
  • Blow Dryers & Ear Covers
  • Brushes & Combs

Walk-ins are available during all business hours for You Wash! No appointment necessary.

We Wash


Small dogs – 20 pounds or less $32
Large friends – 20 to 89 pounds $45
Huge friends – 90+ pounds $55

$15 additional charge for dogs requiring deshedding treatment.
Long coated dogs such as German Shepherds are also $55 due to washing & dry time.


  • Our full service includes all You Wash benefits + we wash & dry your pet, trim nails and prepare your dog for a clean getaway! You’ll never get wet!

Please call for a reservation.


  • We are open every day for Grooming by appointment, except Monday when we rest. Our groomers are tenured and take their time to do the right groom, per your personal requests. We have 1 grooming appointment at a time so you can feel confident only your dog is washed, dried and groomed in privacy. No chaos, no barking from multiple dogs being groomed at the same time like so many places. We also do specialty grooming cuts such as Lion cuts, Mohawks and intricate scissoring for special effects at an additional fee. Groom times often start before our normal store hours.

Please contact us for rates and appointment availability, or fill out the form below!

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Flea & tick shampoo $5
 Toothbrushing $6
Nail trim with wash $8
Nail trim with dremmel $10
Anal Gland Expression (external) $10
Hot Oil treatment for dry coats $10
Nail trim without wash $12
Fast Track Groom (reservation required) $10-$15

Bathhouse Etiquette

  • Pets must be under control at all times. Please use a leash (we will provide a “loaner” if you forgot yours) or carry them in your arms.
  • Please do not leave your pets unattended at any time for their own safety and others. We are available and happy to assist you with the proper use of the tubs and getting your pet settled.
  • We are proud to be a flea kill zone!  Fleas are known to hop aboard your Best Friend for a ride. We know it happens but we don’t want them to happen to our customers from other customers. If your pet has fleas, talk to us.
  • If we determine that your pet is aggressive, we may ask you to leave. We will be glad to suggest a better time to visit or set up a special appointment before or after normal hours.
  • Before anyone, especially a child, approaches an unfamiliar pet, ask permission of the pet’s owner.
  • Please be on Poop Patrol for your pets. If a “poop” happens inside or outside, clean up the mess and help keep everyone in our shopping center happy. We offer free pooper bags for this purpose.
  • We are a “family friendly” pet wash and enjoy children learning to care for the family pet as well as sharing in the adventure. However, young children can pose special concerns. For their safety and the consideration of all patrons, please have young children under the supervision of a responsible adult. We have a designated area for little tykes and can supply books and toys for their use if they get bored.
  • The last wash must begin 45 minutes prior to close.

Weekly Discounts

  •  Tuesday – We honor our active Military & Veterans with 20% off Full Service & Self Service Washes. Call for an appointment for Full Service.
  • Wednesday – Dog And A Half Day – Get your second dog’s Self Service Wash half off when you use the same tub.
  •  Thursday – UA Student Day –  15% off Self Service Washes when you show your Student ID.